1.5 Blocks from the Park, San Juan del Sur, Rivas

San Juan del Sur


San Juan del Sur is a city on the Pacific Ocean in the department of Rivas , in Nicaragua , considered one of the most important of the department. It is located at 11 degrees 15 minutes north latitude and 85 degrees 53 minutes west longitude. It lies 140 kilometers from the city of Managua and 15 kilometers north of the border with Costa Rica . Limits the north with the municipality of Rivas , the south by the Pacific Ocean to the east by the municipality of Cardenas and the Republic of Costa Rica , on the west by the Pacific Ocean.


The realist Andrés Niño arrived at the bay of San Juan del Sur in 1523 trying to find a lake access from the Pacific Nicaragua . Its port reached a great importance in the mid- nineteenth century during the gold rush in the United States. Until they finished building the first transcontinental railroad in 1869 , thousands of Americans on the East Coast traveled to California by boat across the isthmus of Central America and embarking Nicaragua San Juan del Sur to San Francisco . Mark Twain himself passed through the city in 1866.

In 849 Cornelius Vanderbilt , along with Nathaniel SH Wolf created the "American Atlantic and Pacific Ship Canal Company" and was awarded the concession   by the Government of Nicaragua to build a transoceanic canal across the Rio San Juan . During 16 years of activity of the company moved to 75-79 travelers from New York to San Francisco and back. Mark Twain traveled through the passage and wrote about his experiences.

William Walker was an interesting figure in Nicaraguan politics . He had delusions of grandeur , to the point of declaring himself president of the country after winning some battles. The American filibuster was defeated in a major battle in San Juan del Sur. He was ordered to overthrow the legitimate government in Rivas and sailed a boat with more than 150 men and landed on the beach now known as Giant on June 27, 1854 . From there he began his march towards the pouring rain Rivas . Upon learning of the impending invasion of General Colonel Forest Corral Rivas sent with the troops. On arrival Colonel Forest quickly built barricades and joined the locals to add to his troops. The colonel also commanded the ship San Jose Costa Rica to fight Walker and his boat Realejo.

In 2004 , San Juan del Sur is mentioned in the song "In the grocery store Lucita " of the Aragonese artist Enrique Bunbury, in the album " The journey to nowhere".